Friday, April 9, 2010

Oxfords for me!

I have been a fan of oxfords for ages, but never
could quite convince my husband to buy any.
Luckily this year oxfords are on trend for women
so they are everywhere! Many of them are upwards
of $200-300, but I recently bought these Steve
Madden Melin Oxfords
for $80 on
For Steve Maddens the leather is actually quite nice
and I was able to walk pretty far without any blisters
even on first wear. They're great with pants or even
Spring's flowery dresses.

Now I just need my matching batchel and I'm all set
to step out into the world as an English school girl. ;)

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I think these two 20x200 prints from Rachel Papo would make a nice
composition positioned head to head next to each other on my wall

(Waiting for hand granade practice and Nastya before class). Thoughts?

Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Oh damn, April fools foils me again. I thought this moodInq -
programmable tattoo system
was real! Being able to switch up
your tattoo daily with implanted e-ink would be so awesome!
Looks like they're working on it, but it's still a product of the

Happy April Fools day everyone!