Thursday, October 30, 2008

I can haz costume?

My other cheap and easy costume idea was to be a LOLCat. Just dress up
as a cat (black clothing + ears and tail). Then add a cardboard sign around
your neck with some cutesy saying like "I can haz CandyCorn?" or "I can
haz trick?" and you're good to go. I think my good friend A is going to
use this idea since I'm going with Holly Golightly. I'll try to post pictures
of our costume results. Happy Halloween everyone!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This is the most awesome Halloween costume ever! I love you Totoro!
If I had more time this is totally what I would be, warm, comfortable
and cute, and most importantly not a sexy nurse, sexy schoolgirl, sexy
cop or any other form of short skirt + skimpy top Halloween costume.

Instead, due to lack of an ounce of spare time and practically no
sewing skills, I am going with the ever elegant, always stylish, Holly
Golightly. Since I already have an Audrey-esque dress and since you
can find fake pearls, black gloves, sunglasses, and a long cigarette
holder at nearly any costume store, this is a bit of a cop-out, but I
can't resist. Audrey Hepburn is my all time idol. Now how do I pull
off that hairdo?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cinderella you've lost your slipper

As I was walking from the subway into Penn station today I saw a cute blond woman dressed all in black running up the stairs. She was midway up when one of her high heeled shoes slipped off her foot. A silver fox of a man walking in the other direction, barely skipping a beat, bent down, picked up her shoe, and held it out for her to put her foot into. Of course they kept walking in opposite directions, just two strangers almost meeting, but it was a total Cinderella moment.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jersey Girl

I've been looking for a skirt with a similar silhouette
to this one for quite awhile now, though I am hoping
to find something at maybe a tenth of the price tag.
(featured on catwalk queen a few days ago). I love
the slouchy folded style and prominent pockets. That
it is made from gray jersey is just an extra bonus! I
tried on something similar during my shopping trip
to Paris last year, but that particular cut only served
to emphasize my hips in a way that just wasn't good.
Not exactly what I was looking for, but maybe I'll
have better luck soon.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Outfit of the day

This outfit pic is from a few weeks ago when my very
good friend came to visit. We spent the few days she
was in town shopping, walking through central park,
visiting the Met, eating tons of good food, and
attending a comedy show at the Upright Citizens
Brigade where I had my very first NY celebrity sighting.
We spotted Lonny Ross from 30 Rock waiting in line
for tickets. Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly)
everyone acted quite blase about it. Either no one
recognized him or it's just not cool to be impressed by
celebrity in New York. He seemed to be on a date with
a cute blond, although come on comedian on a date at a
comedy club not a super original date idea if you ask
me. :P

Her outfit (right):
Pants - Gap
Top - Ben & Lucia
Jacket - Beau Bois
Handbag - Kenneth Cole Reaction
Shoes - Hush Puppy

My outfit (left):
Shirt - Banana Republic
Sweater - J Crew
Skirt - H&M
Tights - Target
Handbag - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes - Privo Osso

A quick stop into Dylan's Candy bar (owned by Dylan Lauren, daughter of Ralph
Lauren) was in order for two girls on the town. It was also a gorgeous gorgeous
week to be in Central Park.

After some hard core bargain shopping we just had to have desserts at Serendipity,
home of yummy frozen hot chocolates, lots of kitsch, and gargantuan menus. A ton
of fun even if a bit touristy.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bow bow bow your dress

Ok, this one might be a little over the top, even for me
dedicated bow lover for life, but I'm sure it would look
amazing on the right person (Marc by Marc Jacobs
velveteen bow dress on sale for $339 from $568).

Friday, October 17, 2008

Love at first click

Despite being on somewhat of a spending freeze (well at least
slowdown) in an attempt to be fiscally responsible, I just couldn't
help it, I had to order this perfect half bow dress from Marc by Marc
Jacobs. It's on sale for 40% off at Nordstrom's though still a bit on
the pricey end of things. I had trouble deciding on color and sizing so
got one size in plum, and another in black hoping one of these
variations will fit (besides it strangely cost me less to order both and
return one since free shipping kicked in with the price of two and
returns are also free).

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hussein Chalayan

I haven't had too much time to explore the Spring collections yet
and what I have seen hasn't been totally awe inspiring. However,
these windswept structural pieces from Hussein Chalayan's inertia
collection are quite wild... They remind me a bit of an H.R. Giger
drawing, futuristic and a little alien.

This week I had a very good friend visiting from California and we
braved the madhouse that is Century 21 one afternoon (full of
foreign tourists). There I got to see some of Chalayan's pieces in
person - albeit from a few seasons back. With the current financial
downward spiral I didn't want to buy anything expensive (even with
the super Century 21 discounts), but it was fun to check out some
designer wares none the less.

Outfit of the day

This outfit is from last weekend on our first dim sum outing in NYC.
We tried out Jing Fong as from my internet research it seems to be
the best rated dim sum in New York, but we weren't totally impressed.
The food was ok, but not as good as our favorites from San Francisco.
Maybe a trip to Flushing is necessary.

Jacket - Banana Republic bought for interviews a few years ago.
Dress - Gap.
Tights - Target.
Shoes - BCBG girls.
Handbag - Lewis from the white elephant sale in Oakland.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Brainwashed by Fashion?

While out looking for comfortable walking shoes I stumbled across
these fringed booties at Aerosoles. I tried them on in purple and my
first thoughts were purple, fringed -> cute, but my husbands reaction
was quite different. He thought they were really hideous, something I
could wear for Halloween if I wanted to dress as Pocahontas, but not
for real life. I wonder if these are something I would seriously consider
on my own or if I've just been inundated by the fashion machine
pushing fringe for so long that it's started to look cute and normal. I
remember thinking the fringe trend kind of bizarre and ugly when it
first started appearing, but now I don't think it's so bad... Have I been
brainwashed by fashion?

An any case, the shoes weren't so great on. The fit was off and the just
above ankle height not really very flattering. I need an ankle people! So,
the decision wasn't really so hard in the end.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

DIY project

With all the fun painterly patterns around these days
I may just have to take up the brush and get working
on a little do it myself project. Else, just buy this super
cute dress from 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent, on sale
for $107.90.

Coat Dress

I felt a definite chill in the air today as we wandered down to Chinatown
for our very first dim sum chow-down in New York. Cooler weather means
coat season is here again! Yay! I love wrapping up in a cozy coat to fend off
the icy winds, and have quite a few coats in my collection to prove it.

This year I'm on the lookout for a hybrid half coat and half dress,
something a little fitted up top, but flared and flouncy on the bottom. I
ran into a beautiful version in Paris last year, but haven't been able to
find anything state-side that matches that coat's perfect blend of ladylike
and chic. These two options from are reasonable
interpretations of the coat dress by Tocca, and Norma Kamali.

Is it just me or is something wonky going on with the coat on left? Still, it
might be a case of poor photo-shopping and could be a decent coat in
person (DKNY double breasted coat). If ruffles are your thing go even more
girly with this coat by Manoush.

Or for a burst of color try one of these coats by Laundry, Miu Miu and Tevrow + Chase.