Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sale Handbags

All of the stores seem to be having early sales this year. I suppose it's
yet another sign that our economy is in the toilet, but on the up side
it's made for some good Christmas present deals. Here are a few of my
favorite handbags from the sales so far. I've been really good and
haven't bought a bag since last February in Paris! I'm thinking of
sticking to the one bag per year rule though it makes the choice of that
bag all the more difficult...

This See by Chloe clutch has a really unique shape in a pretty purple color.
Felix Rey gives us a nice juxtaposition of sweet bows and sexy studs with
this clutch, now half off and a pretty reasonable $45. Anyone looking for a
Christmas present idea for me? ...

This Vando bag from Gustto caught my eye as looking pretty different from
the usual sea of handbags, but I'm not completely sold on it.

Lastly, I really like the look of this patent bowler bag from Miu Miu, but I'm a
little worried that the bowler bag has been done to death with it's super
recognizable shape and logo. Also even at 40% off it's pretty pricey. Sigh I
guess the search continues.

Fun with fashion

My brother sent me a link to this scarf. I will admit to being a big fan
of bacon & eggs, though maybe not as knit-wear. Quite fun (or funny)
none the less... Image from Craftastrophe.

Although maybe breakfast themed clothing is making a come-back?
(Gwen Stefani as a fried egg for Halloween) :P

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Work has been insane lately with lots of deadlines coming up. For some
reason this seems to lead to more blog posts rather than less, maybe
because I'm stuck at my computer for about 14 hours a day. Anyhow, it
does also mean I've barely been able to find time to exercise much less
shop. Except for that little jaunt to H&M the other day I haven't been to
the shops in months. Instead I decided to partake in a little online retail
therapy. I was browsing the Urban Outfitters site and picked up a few
things that have been on my mind for ages: these gray suede boots,

these chanel-esque two toned tights, and this feather headband similar to one
I blogged about almost a year ago now. I even managed to find a coupon code
online for 25% off everything on the site including shipping and handling. Just
enter the code luckybreaks8 when checking out. So, the total was about $100.
Not bad.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Site of the day

I recently stumbled upon The cherry blossom girl and couldn't stop
clicking on page after page of gorgeousness. What an amazing view
of the world she has captured! And, such beautiful photos, outfits,
and shoes. It definitely gives me a goal to aspire to for this blog and
makes me want to spend more time transforming our apartment into
something more like a home.

CDG for H&M

I took a little trip to H&M this morning in the hopes of
checking out the Comme Des Garcons collaboration.
Apparently I should have arrived at 6am! By the time I
dragged my sleepy butt out of bed the merch was pretty
picked over. Not a deconstructed jacket or pair of drop
crotch pants in sight... Sadly the only things left were
some rather standard button downs, expensive and not
super interesting trenches, and a few wool sweaters. I
actually ended up purchasing one of the sweaters which
has some interesting detailing on the sleeves and a nice
cut, but was sad not to be able to try the trousers or
jackets. They probably would have disappointed anyhow
(or at least that's what I'll tell myself). Guess next time
sleep is out and standing in line is in!

Oh and the CDG items are already showing up on ebay at
about twice the original prices. Curse you profiteers!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cold weather cozies

Lately as the days grow shorter (sunset at 4:30pm come on??!) and the
days get cooler my mind has been preoccupied not just with looking cute, but
also with staying warm. I haven't had to wear a hat for warmth since winter
of 2001 when I moved to California! With that in mind I've been on the hunt
for some warm weather accessories like these fun fingerless gloves (cashmere
long fingerless gloves and Juicy Couture bow and charm gloves). They provide
warmth while still allowing you the dexterity to grab things without removing
your gloves.

I'm a big fan of the dark gray, but could be persuaded to try another color (Nordstrom
long fingerless gloves
). Purple perhaps?

These flip styles give you the best of both worlds - mittens and gloves in one (Fred Flare
red fingerless mittens
, and Portolano flip-top mittens).

These shorter versions are probably less useful for warmth, but they sure are fun
(Kashmere, and Knit Crochet fingerless gloves from UO).

Monday, November 10, 2008


I've been looking for some fabric rosettes that I can dye in various colors
and attach to plain clothing items to up their cuteness quotient. I thought
about buying these beige organdy rosettes, but i'd like to see them in
person first and $6.50 per rosette seems a little steep especially if i have to
experiment a few times with the dying process to get it right.

This current obsession started sometime last year when I tried on a beautiful
gray silk dress with rosettes all around the collar, but it felt like a little too
much to have them wrapping all the way around the neckline. Besides, even
on someone as thin as Charlotte in Pushing Daisies the rosettes look great
from the front or back, but somehow aren't that flattering when viewed from
the side. So, I think I'll stick to attaching a few here or there as accents.

So, I'm thinking I'm in New York right, there there must be some good ribbon
stores in the city. Upon a mini search of the internet I stumble upon Mokuba,
New York
. Wow, just wow! 3500 square feet dedicated solely to ribbon with
43,000 different kinds of ribbon and trim! That is one store I definitely have to
check out. Unbelievable!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween Outfits

Sorry it took so long. Here are some pics from Halloween, me as Holly
Golightly from "Breakfast at Tiffany's". I tried my best to get Audrey's
upswept hair-do (upper right photo), but it didn't turn out all that well.
I guess I need more practice with the bobby pins and hair spray... The
fake eyelashes were a riot though. I might have to break those out more
often. My cousin and her fiance joined us for the evening. They had put
together some amazing costumes and went as Martian Manhunter and
Zattana from the Justice League.