Saturday, May 31, 2008


We're going on a cross country roadtrip this summer before starting new jobs in the fall. Woohoo roadtrip! I just got several books from Amazon for tips on places to see and eat along the way. I probably went overboard on guide books, but I just can't resist a good book and I love the open road. :) We used to go on month long trips when I was a kid and my parents tell me that everyday I would ask "we're not going home today are we?" because I loved travelling so much.

For wacky American sites like World's largest ball of string and other things we really can't miss along the way, Roadside America. For good old local food (mmm grilled cheese!), Roadfood.

For scenic drives, and National parks.

We are starting from CA heading to NY and planning to take a Northern route to hit Yellowstone and Glacier National park. If anyone has any suggestions for things we should definitely see let me know! :)

Outfit of the day

Thursday's outfit:

Jacket: Zara
Dress: e.c.i.
Shoes: BCBG girl
Tights: Assets

This is my new leathre motorcycle jacket from Zara! I just looooove it! I spent several hours
wandering the markets in Florence where they have thousands of leather jackets (although
the numbers are deceptive since all of the jackets seemed to come from just a few brands). I
couldn't find one that was quite right there, but stumbled upon a perfect one when I came
home. :) Serendipity!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nordstrom half yearly sale

Nordstrom's is having their half yearly sale. Tons of stuff at 40% off or more
though it's going fast (half the outfits I picked out yesterday are already gone)!

Want want want! Big bouncy bows (Marc by Marc Jacobs Alessandra dress
and Nanette Lepore Tie the Knot jacket).

Flirty dresses (gorgeous Kay Unger Halter gown perfect for a summer
wedding, and fun, casual and much more affordable Susina Camisole

Classic outerwear (Burberry Trench and Nine West Trapeze Jacket).

Spring colors (Mimi Chica skirt and Marvin Richards Trapeze jacket).

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Travels II

One more travel centric post and I will return to the land of fashion and fabulousness. :)

My second trip this month was a quick jaunt to Italy. We were in Firenze for 2 days of touristing and then off to Lake Como for 4 days for a work related event.

We seemed to be surrounded by American, French and German tourists everywhere we went in Florence. There were super long lines for almost all of the major attractions. So, since our time was so short we decided to skip most of the museums in favor of exploring the city on foot. We did however make it into one museum, the Bargello which is home to many beautiful sculptures. I particularly liked this work, "Madonna and Child".

The streets of Florence are extremely narrow. I would not want to drive around there! Here are a couple of alternative options.

The Ponte Vecchio bridge (along which there is a corridor of shops all selling gold and other jewelry), and the Duomo (the painted effect is accomplished with many panels of different colored stones).

One very warm afternoon we wandered up into the hills above the city and explored the Boboli gardens near the Pitti Palace. From the top there was a lovely view of the city.

Whenever I think of Florence it reminds me of a movie that a good friend and I used to watch over and over again when we were young, "A Room with a View" in which Helena Bonham Carter goes on a chaperoned trip to Florence and winds up meeting the love of her life at the pensione where they stay. We sadly did not have much of a view, but we did have a lovely room with tall ceilings and a chandelier.

After our short trip to Florence we traveled by train to Lake Como and stayed in the tiny town of Moltrasio. Unfortunately it rained almost the entire time we were there and since we spent the majority of our time working we didn't have too much time for site seeing.

Despite the rain it was quite beautiful. Everything was very green and lush. The hills above the lake are gorgeous. Many houses have their own kitchen gardens for growing herbs etc.

There was a large overflowing stream running down through the center of town, turning into a waterfall at several points along the way.

One of the nights we took a boat tour out to The Locanda restaurant on Comacina Island where they serve a very entertaining meal followed by a firey story of the island told by a man in a crazy outfit. There were lots of celebrity photos on the wall including the entire cast of Ocean's 11 (nope sadly we did not see George Clooney).


Hello everyone! Sorry for the long absence once again. I am finally back from my various travels and ready to start blogging! Here are a few photos from my trip to DC and Maryland of a few weeks ago.

My husband's family lives in a beautiful old farm house on the eastern shore of Maryland. Parts of the house date back to the 1700's. They have been lovingly restoring the house room by room over about 15 years now and the results are gorgeous and true to the original design and feel. I just love it there.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tabi Shoes

Japanese tabi-shoes, an old fashioned look with an updated style by Sou Sou and inspiration for tabi shoes by Martin Margiela. I kind of want these... I kind of don't know why.... I think their very ugliness is part of their allure. A more english friendly shopping site to purchase these should you share my inexplicable attraction is here.

Travel update

I am back from DC, but headed off to Florence and Lake Como,
Italy on Sunday with much work to finish before then... Thanks
for your patience.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Outfit of the day

Greetings from DC! Sorry for the lack of posts
recently. I'm out of town for a short work trip.
This outfit picture was taken awhile ago, but
was also what I wore today (though with a
different pair of shoes). It was a truly
exhausting day of work, but we had a wonderful
dinner at an old friend's house afterwards.
There's nothing like catching up with good friends.


Dress - American Eagle
Tank - Old Navy
Belt - vintage Schiaparelli scarf

Today I wore this with an orange banana republic
cardigan and Privo Oso flats.