Saturday, January 26, 2008


I am off for a holiday in Europe tomorrow through a week from Monday. So,
posts might be few and far between. I'll try to check in every few days and
will definitely have lots of stuff to write about when i return! Have a good week!

Paris Couture Week (2)

Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix: I am definitely not a fashion expert. Maybe that's why at first this collection just looked a bit like a crazy mish mash of fabrics, textures, and colors to me. But, as I looked closer I started to warm up to some of the pieces. I especially admire the eighteenth century shapes and over the top extravagance of some of the outfits. Are those gradient stockings I see? Now those I would definitely snap up in a second!


Givenchy: This next collection is very different, almost as extreme in it's minimalism as Lacroix was in his exuberance. I think I'm in love with the gorgeous cut and folds on this white dress (upper left). And, check out the shoes in the bottom two pics. The pants almost seem to morph right into the shoe. Granted they are super models, but that pant/shoe combination really gives the illusion that their legs go on for miles.


This was Valentino's farewell collection and it was simply amazing. One thing I noticed was the wide use of floral prints, but in updated ways. I especially like the outfit on left with the huge flower print and enormous bow (which as any of you who know me well will come as no surprise).

Besides florals there were a lot of other ladylike touches like the long gloves worn with many of the outfits (I still have to get some of these). And, I have to say that I really really love the "explorer" hats (top right) obscuring some of the models faces and bringing a little something different to the feel of the clothes. Those pink satin bow shoes (bottom right) aren't half bad either. ;) Valentino also showed a lot of broad soft shoulders in his jackets further emphasizing a return to a more ladylike era.

These two looks have sort of a 1920s flapper feel that I quite like.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Temporary Tattoos

The New York Times had an interesting article today about the resurgence of
temporary tattoos, something that resonated with some ideas I've been having
lately. When I was younger I considered getting a tattoo, but decided against
it as I wasn't sure about how I would feel about it as I aged. Temporary tattoos
seem like the perfect alternative. You can display your personality, but aren't
tied into one design, allowing you to mix it up a bit depending on how you feel
from day to day.

I used to get temporary tattoos all the time as a kid at the fair and what not. I
remember the designs being pretty silly for the most part and the quality being
not so great. About 4 years ago I was nostalgically looking for them again, but
couldn't find much beyond the usual kids motifs or the hot topic type tat. Since
temporary tattoos are back in fashion maybe the selections have expanded
somewhat. Tinsley Transfers seems to do a lot of the tattoo work for movies.
They have a pretty cool selection of stick on tattoos like the vintage Peacock

I also like some of the options from bodygraphics including this lion head.

These mirror image tattoos might look neat displayed with one on each of
your shoulder blades.

Some other temporary options include airbrushing or having an artist paint
the tattoo directly onto your skin though these are probably quite a bit more
expensive (Temptu New York).

Another maybe slightly crazy option are tattoo sleeves which you just slip on and
wear the way you would wear any sort of arm warmer.

Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo looks simply dazzling in this off the shoulder dress
by Armani Prive although she also looks to be about 2 inches away
from a serious fashion slip.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Paris Couture Week

My highlights from Paris Couture week.


Dior was all about saturated jewel colors, crazy futuristic hats and towering shoes in matching colors. Perhaps a bit over the top for me, but amazingly beautiful and well crafted.

Armani Prive

Armani Prive showed a lot of feminine girly touches like ruffles as well as some more geometric shapes and patterns. Apparently 3d flowers are still big (from the oversized purple roses by Dior to the more subtle hibiscus (?) shapes of Armani).


Set against the backdrop of a giant Chanel jacket, this was my favorite collection so far.

For this collection Karl Lagerfeld drew his inspiration from shells. You can really see the influence of the ocean in the shapes, colors, and textures used in these dresses, and even in the models swirling updos with shell headbands/tiaras.

I bought a pair of grey arm warmers awhile back, but have yet to figure out how to wear them without looking silly and overly young. The outfit on left gives me some ideas on how I might pull them off. The girl on right looks very haughty ballerina to me. ;)

These two black and white outfits seem very traditional Chanel to me while also being modern in shape and material. All of the models wore ballet flats, including a very familiar two toned mary jane that look just like a pair I picked up awhile back. Great to see that style won't be going out anytime soon as I am a big fan.

London Shops

We leave on Saturday for a vacation in Europe -- 4 days in London followed
by 4 days in Paris. I am sooooo excited! Work has been crazy busy lately, but
in my few moments of downtime I have been pondering which shops I want
to visit while across the Ocean. I'm not all that familiar with either city so if
any of you have any suggestions please let me know!

Here is my list so far for places I want to check out in London:

The Paddington bear stall in, you guessed it Paddington Station. Who isn't a
fan of that loveable marmelade munching bear?

Last time I was in London I got this cute pencil case from the Tintin shop.
Perhaps a t-shirt this time?

A friend recommended the gift shop in the London Transportation museum
for fun posters and all things tube related. Sounds like fun!

Then of course I would like to pop into Topshop, ASOS, Warehouse, or
Dorothy Perkins for all of the cute high street buys that I drool over online.

I would like to stroll through Harrods for the experience though I rather
doubt I will be able to afford anything. Isn't the cut of this Versace shift
dress just beautiful?

And finally the husband wants to get an umbrella from James Smith and
who have been making and selling umbrellas since 1830!