Sunday, July 27, 2008


We've been continuing along the road for the past few weeks slowly driving East and checking out the sites along the way. Outfits have been a little limited by my suitcase. I'm getting pretty bored of my selection and suffering from severe shopping withdrawal. :( This white shirt has come in handy a bunch of times so far as it's so easy to just throw it on over most outfits to protect against the cool air conditioning (and glacial) chills.

Outfit 1 (at the Black bear cafe near Mt Shasta, CA):
Dress - American Eagle
Tank - Old Navy
Flip Flops - Reefs
Shirt - Macy's not sure of the brand

Outfit 2 (standing on a glacier in Glacier National Park):
Shirt - Macy's
Tank - Old Navy
Shorts - Gap

Gorgeous views in Glacier National Park. We took a little paddle on Lake McDonald in the yellow two-person kayak pictured left. On right is Hidden Lake which we hiked over a glacier to see.

We saw a bunch of critters in Glacier, including these two cute goats just wandering along the trail, and this deer complete with fuzzy antlers.

Yellowstone park is simply unique with all of the bubbling hot springs, and geysers (Silex spring and Old Faithful).

There were tons of elk and Bison throughout the park and we even spotted this bald eagle up in a tree!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Drool... What a beautiful bag, Derek Lam Sonia Small East/West Tote 70% off
yet still $435! Le sigh... The lamb detailing is so cute and that dark gray color is
my favorite!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Colette hits NYC!

Colette, the uber-chic boutique in Paris is teaming
up with Gap to launch a temporary store in New York
City. I visited the Colette store in February when I was
in Paris for the winter sales. It was crazy crowded and
filled with fun and fabulous clothes and accessories,
most of which I could never afford but fun to browse
none the less. I can't wait to check out their installation
(Sept 6-Oct 5) when we arrive in New York! Although I
don't particularly care about "Colette's signature candles,
room fragrance, musk oil, CDs and artist edition
products...", the "Alexis Mabille bow bag in classic
heather grey jersey" sounds intriguing (I think it might
be the clutch above?). Giant bow and heather grey,
dunno how you could go wrong with that! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Love the purple color and rosettes on this dress! Not
completely sold on the babydollness of it all, but only
$42 from Nordstroms.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Outfit of the day

We are currently on a long roadtrip and will end up in our new home in New York in a few weeks.

Here is one of my outfits from the road as we travel south along the coast:

Black halter dress from American Rag
Reef flip flops that have seen better days (must replace these soon as they're almost worn through).

Home again home again jiggedy jig

Next we flew home to visit and leave our kitties with grandma and grandpa to babysit for a few months. So sad to leave the kitties behind, but they seem to be really excited about their new digs. They have a mini apartment in the walk-out basement complete with bed, television and constant access to the firefly, squirrel and bunny infested backyard.

We had to visit all of my old haunts including the student union pictured here. How I miss the lake!

We were there over the 4th of July so here we are waiting for the fireworks to start. And a visit home would not be complete without a visit (or three) to the pool! It was absolutely gorgeous out though a bit humid which made a dip in the pool heavenly.


Hi everyone! Life has been crazy with nearly constant traveling the past few weeks... First we spent about a week in Alaska traveling for work last month.

We were staying in Anchorage which seemed to be a kind of bizarre, empty city. The surrounding country was gorgeous though and we took a 20 mile bike ride with about 25 people. I'm amazed that our crazy bike gang all made it all 20 miles. The most surreal part was that sunset was around midnight and it didn't really get fully dark for an hour or so after that only to start getting light again around 4am!

Most of the trip was spent in meetings etc, but the last day we managed to drive up to Denali Park. The park doesn't allow cars so you have to take these long bus tours into the interior. We were a bit skeptical about spending 8 hours on a bus, but it was actually quite fun.

It was raining and kind of misty for most of the day so the animals were mainly hiding out, but after the rain stopped we saw all kinds of critters including: 2 grizzly bears, doll sheep, caribou, this wolf that walked right by our bus (apparently it's pretty rare to see a wolf as there are only about 100 in the whole 6 million acre park), and this mama moose and baby. Soooo cute!

Fashion was a little limited on the trip, although now I'm kicking myself for not picking up a pair of mukluks! I did pop into the mall and pick up a pair of cute pumas as my feet were killing me after wearing heels two days in a row (plus no sales tax in Alaska!).