Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Colette hits NYC!

Colette, the uber-chic boutique in Paris is teaming
up with Gap to launch a temporary store in New York
City. I visited the Colette store in February when I was
in Paris for the winter sales. It was crazy crowded and
filled with fun and fabulous clothes and accessories,
most of which I could never afford but fun to browse
none the less. I can't wait to check out their installation
(Sept 6-Oct 5) when we arrive in New York! Although I
don't particularly care about "Colette's signature candles,
room fragrance, musk oil, CDs and artist edition
products...", the "Alexis Mabille bow bag in classic
heather grey jersey" sounds intriguing (I think it might
be the clutch above?). Giant bow and heather grey,
dunno how you could go wrong with that! :)

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