Saturday, September 27, 2008

New York, New York

I have seen more gorgeous bags hanging nonchalantly from well
dressed elbows and shoulders during my first month in New York
than I've seen ever before in my life. Even the number of designer
bags I've watched waltzing out of our apartment building has been
staggering. I guess owning a $1000+ bag is just standard for
Manhattan. I don't think I'll be joining their ranks for quite awhile
(if ever).

I saw a girl toting around this YSL beauty in the subway last
week and it was absolutely gasp inducing. The shape is perfection
and the style something that you could hold on to forever. For
$1395 you would definitely have to!

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Old Navy website has gotten all fancified
recently. Not sure about that, but this grey and
white tank dress sure is super cute and only
$29.50. Sorry I can't seem to link directly, but
it's from the "September Collection". The
"October Preview" also looks promising.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dreaming of gunmetal?

Bluefly has a ton of cute stuff, I only wish I could try it on before
buying. I guess that's the curse of the online retailer. This is an
especially cute option by Madison Marcus. It's high waist, tank
top and shimmery fabric should be right on trend.

Again with the gray ... or purple...

I know this style by Foley & Corinna has been popular for quite awhile now, but I
hadn't really paid it much attention until recently. I am really in love with this charcoal
gray color and am a fan of having both the short and long strap options as well as the
tote vs folded over looks, helping you be equally chic on days when you have a lot to
carry as on days when you don't. Now if only the price tag wasn't $444. Ouch!

It's also available in this smaller size or surprise surprise Purple! How drool worthy
is that?!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Oh sweet ruffled madness from Phillip Lim. Those shoes are my inspiration.

Mental Note

Must match laptop to outfit. :) Vivienne Tam laptop for hp.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Next DIY project?

Spring 2009 dress from Thakoon.

Image from

My New Apartment

This is my favorite part of our new apartment! My husband made
this wonderful purse rack for me from a few Ikea bars and a bunch
of hooks, a great storage system for under $10. It's so nice to be
able to see them all at once when I'm putting together outfits in the
morning. Now what's missing? I'm thinking one in red and one in

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bebe's gone Bandage

While passing by a Bebe store the other day I noticed some quite
familiar looks (Cross strap colorblock dress, Colorblock x-front dress,
Ottoman knit dress, Deep V back sexy striped dress). It seems that
Bebe is making several dresses eerily reminiscent of the wildly
popular Herve Leger bandage dresses. While this body conscious style
is probably not for everyone, if you have the body to pull it off it can
look absolutely smashing.

I would worry that a poorly made version might have a tendency to look
cheap and definitely not quite as gorgeous as the originals (above), but
they're definitely a steal at under $100 compared to $1000s.

Colette x Gap

The Colette x Gap pop-up store was madness, a teeny little shop (small yellow shopfront to the left of the Gap) with a line stretching around the block. It didn't seem soooo bad, but after I tried waiting for about 25 minutes and only moved about 5 people, I decided it just wasn't meant to be. It also started pouring about 10 minutes later so I'm glad I left. Amazingly even in the rain people were still lined up! I will try going back in about a week when the buzz has died down and maybe they've had a chance to replenish their stock. I still have my eye on that jersey purse! Some of the items are on sale on the Colette site, but unfortunately not my favorites. :(

Friday, September 5, 2008

Shades of purple & grey

I've been somewhat successful at shopping for work clothes.... I've always
been partial to purple & dark grey, but this season they seem to be
everywhere and somehow almost all of my purchases have been devoted to
their various shades. I suppose it wouldn't do to become the purple monster
of New York. I may have to tone it down a bit, but not until I find a purple
purse! :) Jersey button down shirt, and Tiered skirt both from the Gap.

Wool pencil skirt from Banana Republic, and Solid Kelly shirt from J Crew.

Favorite fit everyday chino from J Crew, and wool pants from DKNY (these
aren't the pair I bought, but I got a similar pair for only $50 from
Loehmann's). Last weekend I hit up both Loehmann's and the tail end of the
Barney's Warehouse Sale. The Warehouse sale was a hot, sweaty madhouse!
There were definitely some amazing deals, including a fabulous origami
folded Marc Jacobs dress marked down from $2800 to $350, but unfortunately
it was just a teeny bit snug on me. :( There were also girls changing in the isles
with men oggling them from two feet away. Let me tell you, next time I go I am
totally wearing a bikini under my clothes so I can try things on properly.