Friday, September 5, 2008

Shades of purple & grey

I've been somewhat successful at shopping for work clothes.... I've always
been partial to purple & dark grey, but this season they seem to be
everywhere and somehow almost all of my purchases have been devoted to
their various shades. I suppose it wouldn't do to become the purple monster
of New York. I may have to tone it down a bit, but not until I find a purple
purse! :) Jersey button down shirt, and Tiered skirt both from the Gap.

Wool pencil skirt from Banana Republic, and Solid Kelly shirt from J Crew.

Favorite fit everyday chino from J Crew, and wool pants from DKNY (these
aren't the pair I bought, but I got a similar pair for only $50 from
Loehmann's). Last weekend I hit up both Loehmann's and the tail end of the
Barney's Warehouse Sale. The Warehouse sale was a hot, sweaty madhouse!
There were definitely some amazing deals, including a fabulous origami
folded Marc Jacobs dress marked down from $2800 to $350, but unfortunately
it was just a teeny bit snug on me. :( There were also girls changing in the isles
with men oggling them from two feet away. Let me tell you, next time I go I am
totally wearing a bikini under my clothes so I can try things on properly.

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