Sunday, July 27, 2008


We've been continuing along the road for the past few weeks slowly driving East and checking out the sites along the way. Outfits have been a little limited by my suitcase. I'm getting pretty bored of my selection and suffering from severe shopping withdrawal. :( This white shirt has come in handy a bunch of times so far as it's so easy to just throw it on over most outfits to protect against the cool air conditioning (and glacial) chills.

Outfit 1 (at the Black bear cafe near Mt Shasta, CA):
Dress - American Eagle
Tank - Old Navy
Flip Flops - Reefs
Shirt - Macy's not sure of the brand

Outfit 2 (standing on a glacier in Glacier National Park):
Shirt - Macy's
Tank - Old Navy
Shorts - Gap

Gorgeous views in Glacier National Park. We took a little paddle on Lake McDonald in the yellow two-person kayak pictured left. On right is Hidden Lake which we hiked over a glacier to see.

We saw a bunch of critters in Glacier, including these two cute goats just wandering along the trail, and this deer complete with fuzzy antlers.

Yellowstone park is simply unique with all of the bubbling hot springs, and geysers (Silex spring and Old Faithful).

There were tons of elk and Bison throughout the park and we even spotted this bald eagle up in a tree!

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