Monday, July 14, 2008


Hi everyone! Life has been crazy with nearly constant traveling the past few weeks... First we spent about a week in Alaska traveling for work last month.

We were staying in Anchorage which seemed to be a kind of bizarre, empty city. The surrounding country was gorgeous though and we took a 20 mile bike ride with about 25 people. I'm amazed that our crazy bike gang all made it all 20 miles. The most surreal part was that sunset was around midnight and it didn't really get fully dark for an hour or so after that only to start getting light again around 4am!

Most of the trip was spent in meetings etc, but the last day we managed to drive up to Denali Park. The park doesn't allow cars so you have to take these long bus tours into the interior. We were a bit skeptical about spending 8 hours on a bus, but it was actually quite fun.

It was raining and kind of misty for most of the day so the animals were mainly hiding out, but after the rain stopped we saw all kinds of critters including: 2 grizzly bears, doll sheep, caribou, this wolf that walked right by our bus (apparently it's pretty rare to see a wolf as there are only about 100 in the whole 6 million acre park), and this mama moose and baby. Soooo cute!

Fashion was a little limited on the trip, although now I'm kicking myself for not picking up a pair of mukluks! I did pop into the mall and pick up a pair of cute pumas as my feet were killing me after wearing heels two days in a row (plus no sales tax in Alaska!).

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