Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bathing Costumes

I have always been a little obsessed with old fashioned bathing suits, where they always leave a little bit to the imagination (seen here on Doris Day, Marilyn Monroe, and Esther Williams). In practice though I'm not always sure the low cut legs are all that flattering...

More recently we have been seeing a lot of these retro suits in movies and on TV. These iconic photos of Kiera Knightley in Atonement have been haunting me for awhile now though I haven't quite made it to see the actual film yet... Her 1930s swimming costume and the play on light and dark in these photos is simply amazing.

On a side note, apparently you can pre-order this celebrity inspired dress from

I also noticed this retro look on Blake Lively in a recent episode of Gossip Girl. I think I read somewhere that she is actually wearing a modern swimming suit with a pair of shorts on top.

To snag your own old fashioned bathing costume you could try this bathing suit from
Anthropologie (left), or one of these cute options from Popina Swimwear (Retro Halter,
and Retro Sadie).

Another suit from (Classic sheath in black or red).

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Ashley M said...

Hmm.. I like the green in the dress that kiera's wearing much better than the one on edressme. With the way it falls it's a bit too aquafresh for me. But I heart heart heart the retro bathing suits!