Saturday, January 26, 2008

Paris Couture Week (2)

Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix: I am definitely not a fashion expert. Maybe that's why at first this collection just looked a bit like a crazy mish mash of fabrics, textures, and colors to me. But, as I looked closer I started to warm up to some of the pieces. I especially admire the eighteenth century shapes and over the top extravagance of some of the outfits. Are those gradient stockings I see? Now those I would definitely snap up in a second!


Givenchy: This next collection is very different, almost as extreme in it's minimalism as Lacroix was in his exuberance. I think I'm in love with the gorgeous cut and folds on this white dress (upper left). And, check out the shoes in the bottom two pics. The pants almost seem to morph right into the shoe. Granted they are super models, but that pant/shoe combination really gives the illusion that their legs go on for miles.


This was Valentino's farewell collection and it was simply amazing. One thing I noticed was the wide use of floral prints, but in updated ways. I especially like the outfit on left with the huge flower print and enormous bow (which as any of you who know me well will come as no surprise).

Besides florals there were a lot of other ladylike touches like the long gloves worn with many of the outfits (I still have to get some of these). And, I have to say that I really really love the "explorer" hats (top right) obscuring some of the models faces and bringing a little something different to the feel of the clothes. Those pink satin bow shoes (bottom right) aren't half bad either. ;) Valentino also showed a lot of broad soft shoulders in his jackets further emphasizing a return to a more ladylike era.

These two looks have sort of a 1920s flapper feel that I quite like.

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