Monday, November 10, 2008


I've been looking for some fabric rosettes that I can dye in various colors
and attach to plain clothing items to up their cuteness quotient. I thought
about buying these beige organdy rosettes, but i'd like to see them in
person first and $6.50 per rosette seems a little steep especially if i have to
experiment a few times with the dying process to get it right.

This current obsession started sometime last year when I tried on a beautiful
gray silk dress with rosettes all around the collar, but it felt like a little too
much to have them wrapping all the way around the neckline. Besides, even
on someone as thin as Charlotte in Pushing Daisies the rosettes look great
from the front or back, but somehow aren't that flattering when viewed from
the side. So, I think I'll stick to attaching a few here or there as accents.

So, I'm thinking I'm in New York right, there there must be some good ribbon
stores in the city. Upon a mini search of the internet I stumble upon Mokuba,
New York
. Wow, just wow! 3500 square feet dedicated solely to ribbon with
43,000 different kinds of ribbon and trim! That is one store I definitely have to
check out. Unbelievable!

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