Friday, November 14, 2008

CDG for H&M

I took a little trip to H&M this morning in the hopes of
checking out the Comme Des Garcons collaboration.
Apparently I should have arrived at 6am! By the time I
dragged my sleepy butt out of bed the merch was pretty
picked over. Not a deconstructed jacket or pair of drop
crotch pants in sight... Sadly the only things left were
some rather standard button downs, expensive and not
super interesting trenches, and a few wool sweaters. I
actually ended up purchasing one of the sweaters which
has some interesting detailing on the sleeves and a nice
cut, but was sad not to be able to try the trousers or
jackets. They probably would have disappointed anyhow
(or at least that's what I'll tell myself). Guess next time
sleep is out and standing in line is in!

Oh and the CDG items are already showing up on ebay at
about twice the original prices. Curse you profiteers!

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