Saturday, October 25, 2008

Outfit of the day

This outfit pic is from a few weeks ago when my very
good friend came to visit. We spent the few days she
was in town shopping, walking through central park,
visiting the Met, eating tons of good food, and
attending a comedy show at the Upright Citizens
Brigade where I had my very first NY celebrity sighting.
We spotted Lonny Ross from 30 Rock waiting in line
for tickets. Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly)
everyone acted quite blase about it. Either no one
recognized him or it's just not cool to be impressed by
celebrity in New York. He seemed to be on a date with
a cute blond, although come on comedian on a date at a
comedy club not a super original date idea if you ask
me. :P

Her outfit (right):
Pants - Gap
Top - Ben & Lucia
Jacket - Beau Bois
Handbag - Kenneth Cole Reaction
Shoes - Hush Puppy

My outfit (left):
Shirt - Banana Republic
Sweater - J Crew
Skirt - H&M
Tights - Target
Handbag - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes - Privo Osso

A quick stop into Dylan's Candy bar (owned by Dylan Lauren, daughter of Ralph
Lauren) was in order for two girls on the town. It was also a gorgeous gorgeous
week to be in Central Park.

After some hard core bargain shopping we just had to have desserts at Serendipity,
home of yummy frozen hot chocolates, lots of kitsch, and gargantuan menus. A ton
of fun even if a bit touristy.

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