Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spa Visit

Today a good friend of mine and I spent the morning relaxing at the Claremont spa as a kind of going away pampering visit, something we'd been talking about doing for ages. After a few hours of sitting in the whirlpool and under the deluge shower we both tried the Rosemary Citron Dead Sea Salt Scrub. Basically they rub you down with coarse salt, rinse you off, wrap you in hot tea soaked towels for a bit, then massage in some lovely oils. It was the perfect way to get ready for summer (although pedicures are a definite must for us next).

We also had lunch at the Paragon cafe in the hotel with this gorgeous view of Berkeley and the Bay and ordered way too much food: fried calamari, fish tacos and a chipotle chicken sandwich with fries. Better start that healthy diet tomorrow (well not exactly tomorrow cause it's my wedding anniversary, but definitely soon...)!

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