Sunday, February 15, 2009

Motorcycle Madness

Apparently I was obsessed with motorcycles as a child. My mom worried I would
run off and join a motorcycle gang when I grew up. Luckily that never came to
pass, but I still have a fondness for biker chic. The tough girl clothing in
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles recently got me thinking about biker
fashion again. I love the plethora of boots they dress the characters in, especially
the pair in the upper right.

I've been looking for a sturdy pair of biker boots for awhile now. These Belted
Harness boots from Frye are pretty nice, but perhaps a tad too western for the
look I'm going for.

These two strappy pairs by Fiorentini & Baker fit the bill quite nicely especially the
pair with a bit of a heel, but alas they are quite pricey (Bi-Black, and 704 Buckle).

For a cheaper alternative, Steve Madden has these very similar looking strapped

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