Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Miami beach!

Dress - Patagonia - fastest drying dress ever!
Purse - Franco Sarto
Sweater - J Crew (for all those freezing air conditioned places)

We just returned from a sun (and rain) filled week in Miami. It was extremely warm and muggy and they had the most amazing lightning storms. The lightning didn't seem to strike the ground, just hopped from cloud to cloud above the water. We even went swimming in the ocean during one of the storms, figuring if we couldn't even hear the thunder then it must be too far away to harm us.

We stayed at the Fontainebleau hotel, a bit of Vegas transplanted to Miami with 7 restaurants, at least 7 pools (I kind of lost count), a club, and several bars, all right on the ocean. The area that the hotel was in was a bit of a ways from South Beach in a strange area filled with fancy resorts scattered among old abandoned hotel relics, but it was a short cab ride to Ocean Dr, shopping and food.