Friday, October 30, 2009

SF shopping

I made a quick weekend trip to SF a few weeks ago and had a blast eating good food -- dim sum at Yank Sing and the Hong Kong Flower Lounge, Indian chaat at Vik's Distributing (omg so good!), yummy inside out burger at Spork, croissants at Masses, cheese at the Cheeseboard collective, and drinks in the "deathstar" bar at the top of the Marriott at sunset with a gorgeous view of the whole city as it faded into dark. I also got to see a lot of good friends that I've been missing since I left the Bay Area (you know who you are). And of course what trip to SF would be complete without some shopping in Union Square. I picked up a few things including this awesome blown glass bubble necklace from SFMOMA which has already been approved by my "artsy" friends, but which seems a bit like a neck stabbing accident waiting to happen. :) This panda hat was calling to me from a random street vendor and I couldn't resist. I also picked up this Chloe-esque top by Rachel Roy and an Oakland t-shirt featuring the crane inspirations for George Lucas' AT-AT walkers.

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