Saturday, November 14, 2009

ModCloth Finds

I've never shopped at ModCloth before, but they seem to have a great selection of
new, but vintage style clothing at moderate prices. Here are some of my favorites:

My love of coats, especially gray coats may be unbounded. This capelet coat nicely
reflects my subconscious desire to one day be a modern day Sherlock Holmes (my good
friend A and I have long been plotting to open a book store/become little old ladies who
solve murder mysteries a la Miss Marple). And, this Newbury Street Jacket is just too
princessy to resist.

Both of these pieces embody the we're too cool because we have removed part of the
garment movement. Actually I really really love the style of this blue smoke dress
and at $65 it seems like quite a steal. These Von Iva boots with a strappy back are
also pretty fun.

The one shoulder trend has been here for awhile now and I've been slowly warming
to it (although really, what sort of bra do you wear with that?). I recently saw Carol
Hannah from Project Runway sporting this one shouldered top that looks quite nice
as it flows back and forth over your arm, revealing and removing dependent on your

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