Friday, November 30, 2007

Amanda's Style

Becki Newton (Amanda) in Ugly Betty on ABC plays a fast talking, jelly
bean eating, sarcastic fashionista and receptionist at Mode magazine.
Becki's character has a very defined sense of style of which I am a fan.

With her petite and slender frame, the show's stylists often dress
Amanda in elegant dresses with belts to emphasize her curves. The
dress on the left is quite beautiful.

Her clothes are always pretty and fitted rather than following the past few
seasons of billowing shapeless clothing. No matter how many times I get
drawn in by store windows full of mannequins in trapeze dresses, as soon
as I put them on I realize that they aren't meant for me. I'm looking forward
to something with more structure this season.

I love the use of puff sleeves and ruffles in these two outfits and the touch
of menswear of the vest and tie on the right. The puffed sleeves also help
to give more volume to Becki's upper half and play up her small waist in

The show's stylists aren't afraid to play around with Amanda's style a little
bit. It is supposed to be a fashion mag after all. The outfit on the left is a bit
daring with the plaid shirt and teeny cap sleeve bolero. I like Amanda's big
bouncy curls on the right. I don't think I could pull that off without some
serious help from a stylist.

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