Sunday, November 4, 2007

Style Wars

Style wars was a lot of fun last night! Kind of like project runway on crack.
Contestants had a time limit of 5 minutes instead of 5 hours and drew their
raw materials from various pieces of used clothing. It was almost magical
the way they could create outfits in the blink of an eye.

We arrived at 9pm, but it turned out the style-off didn't start until midnight.
So, we only saw the first half of the show before my friends and I turned into
sleepy pumpkins. Here are the MC and two of the models walking out at the
start of the event.

The style wars creators demonstrated how to do it, creating a draculaesque
outfit from two umbrellas.

The outfit on the left was interesting. I could see what they were going for
even if I didn't completely love the styling. The outfit on the right was a neat
play on good and evil.

Not a huge fan of the whole garbage bag as outfit look (right). It
looked a little too much like a garbage bin had thrown up on her
for me.

This was my favorite outfit of the evening. I can't believe the designer could
create something like that in 5 minutes! The skirt/tied rope reminds me a lot
of these chain link scarves I've been seeing around everywhere lately:

Hot Topic.

A sailing enthusiast friend told me that the knot the designer used
to create her skirt is quite commonly used in sailing to tie off your
ropes with the ability to quickly release them. I wonder if that means
you could untie her skirt with one swift tug?

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