Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bistro Style Dinner

My brother and I decided to whip up a bistro style french dinner with the
spoils I brought back from France (whole truffles and foie gras from
Comtesse du Barry).

On the menu was:

Roasted whole chicken with salt, pepper and olive oil cooked at high heat
to give it a bit of a crispity crunch.

Goose Foie Gras with olives, goat cheese, cornichons and a baguette - the
foie gras was rich, smooth and absolutely amazing!

We also tried out a few recipes from Thomas Keller's Bouchon cookbook (which
was a great Christmas present from my bro. so far I'm loving it!):

Bibb lettuce and fresh herb salad with lemon and red wine vinegrette.

Truffled Macaroni au gratin (a fancy way of describing good old macaroni 'n
cheese). The one thing I recommend most to make a really special mac 'n
cheese is to prepare fresh bread crumbs yourself instead of using store
bought. It makes a huge difference in the topping consistency and is really
simple to do. Just pulse your favorite baguette in a cuisinart and sprinkle
liberally over top. You can even lightly cook the bread crumbs in a bit of
butter before topping for a superb buttery crunch.

We were less impressed with the truffles than the foie gras. They seemed to
be slightly preserved and had lost a lot of that really intense truffle flavor in
the process.

The next recipe I am planning to try from the bouchon cookbook is confit du
canard. We had a mouthwatering, so soft it's falling off the bone version
in Paris that I would like to try to recreate.

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