Sunday, February 24, 2008

DIY project - skeleton key necklace

The other day while browsing through Candystore, a fun boutique in the
Mission, I saw the cutest necklaces from Ann Marie jewelry. There were
a variety of skeleton keys cast in sterling silver hanging on delicate silver
and gold chains. But, since I so rarely wear jewelry I couldn't really justify
the $130+ price tags.

I also figured that this might be a project that I could do myself... So, I've been
browsing eBay for old skeleton keys. There seem to be a wide variety if you just
do a search for "skeleton key". I'm hoping to find something about 3 inches long
in silver, but there are also lots of cheap and interesting looking options in brass,
steel, or iron. My favorite so far is the first picture of an antique steel key from
Sargent & Co, 1888.


Anonymous said...

I was at Michael's today, and in the jewelry section they had skeleton keys in brass and silver. They were made by Jewelry Essentials Findings. Just bought a chain to go with and attached it. Very easy and cute.

t said...

Awesome! Thanks! I'll definitely check them out. ;)