Thursday, October 25, 2007

Brazilian Fashion Buys

On our last day in Rio I finally managed to squeeze in a little shopping trip
in Ipanema where they have a wide variety of mid to high end stores. My
favorite shop was Contemporaneo, a very chic boutique featuring up and
coming Brazilian fashion designers. My husband treated me to these two
beautiful dresses. Above is a jersey dress from the Maria Garcia line
featuring an interesting tied neckline. I love how the deep V looks in back.

The second is a very short and sexy dress by Chita Brasil. I couldn't find
anything about this clothing line online, but I did find some interesting
information about Chita fabric. The print is definitely very lovely.

From Chita-Bonita's blog:
"Brazilian chita is a popular fabric that represents my country so well: it's
cheerful, colorful and beautiful! The 100% light weight cotton fabric traditionally
comes in big, bold flower patterns, rich in color and detail. But also in small and
delicate little flowers set up against a bright background. Recently this great
fabric has been "rediscovered" by brazilian designers and crafters, who crave
it's bold colors and funky vintage vibe!"

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