Thursday, October 11, 2007

Trends -- Hop on the bandwagon or whistle your own tune?

I tend to shy away from a lot of the biggest trends, but that's not to say that
I don't get carried away by some of the fun ones that come along. It really
all comes down to what you like and whether you feel good about how you
look in whatever you're wearing. Being confident makes all the difference!

Whatever you do, my advice is if you're going to go trendy go relatively cheap.
For more expensive pieces invest in something classic that's not going
to go out of style in 3 months.

Some trends I just couldn't bring myself to get excited about:

To uggs I say Ughhh... Cowboy boots -- only if you live in Texas ;),
and just say no to daisy dukes.

Some trends really seem to depend on your body type:

Trapeze dresses. These dresses look amazing on the runways
and on models, but is it just me or do normal sized people just
look like they're wearing a sack when they slip into one of
these? Skinny jeans probably look best if your legs are ....
well long and skinny.

Micro minis and ankle boots are hot right now, but
I'm just not sure about a boot that cuts your leg off
at that height. Anyone with a bit of calf might want
to stay away from these... Wow is it just me or are
a lot of these trends really biased toward the
extremely skinny?

Then there are some trends I couldn't help but fall in love with:

Metallics have been around for a few years now, but they still seem
to be going strong (
Furla, Kooba and Calvin Klein).

Patent leather is everywhere at the moment and I just love it
(Kate Spade shoes, Chloe bag, Gap clutch).

Wide belts (Obi belt, Kooba belt, Linea Pelle belt).

Ruffles and frills... Alice Temperley for Target dress (I have this and
it's really cute!), and jacket.

Then there's my obsession with 40s fashion

Dita Von Teese pulls this off well with the pencil skirts, nipped in waists,
red lips and puffed sleeves.

Pencil skirts. I had so much trouble finding one of these
2 years ago, but now they're everywhere (Pinupgirlclothing
, and high waist pencil skirt).

Long leather gloves -- especially to wear with all the 3/4
sleeve swing jackets that are all around right now (Banana
Republic gloves
, and Echo button gloves).

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Jennifer said...

I want that orange chloe bag so bad!