Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Style Wars

I'm thinking about attending style wars at 111 Minna
on Saturday. From the description it sounds kind of
fun and Julie Fredrickson from Coutorture is going
to be one of the judges. Anyone want to join me?

"Straight outta NYC, inspired by MC battling, Victor &
Rolf/Martin-Margiela-style fashion, and mash-up DJ-ing,
Style Battling is competitive fashion, created live on stage,
in a matter of minutes, using anything from a pair of jeans
to an umbrella to a balenciaga bag. Competitors cut, tear,
burn, spray-paint, and otherwise destroy/rebuild clothing,
live on models or on people pulled from the audience. This
is The 8-Mile of Style. WWD meets WWF. "

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