Monday, March 3, 2008

All about heels

Recently I have noticed that heel modifications and embellishments have
been at the forefront of shoe design. I love all of the interesting and playful
ways designers have been able to turn the sensible heel into a work of art.
Here are just a few examples...

These Giuseppe Zanotti platform cutout wedges (left) created quite a buzz a few
months ago (I saw these in person in paris and they were really quite fabulous).
For a somewhat similar feel, but a much lower price tag, try these Steve Madden

Cone heels have been on my wish list for awhile now. So far I haven't bought any,
mostly because I'm not sure how well I would be able to walk in such a narrow heel,
but these Chloe Horseshoe Slingbacks (left) sure do tempt me to give them a try.
The Nine West Drazlys (right) are a cute and affordable option.

These Prada flower heels are just plain gorgeous.

For a more extreme heel modification, Marc Jacobs has been creating some
wacky sideways heels (from March Jacobs Spring 2008 collection) where the
heel is actually detached and then reattached sideways to the ball of the foot.

Taking one more step toward the wild side, these shoes -- I'm not sure they can
really be classified as heels since they don't actually have a heel -- by Antonio
Beradi sure give you something to ponder.

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