Sunday, March 30, 2008

Off to the ballet

Saturday was a girls' trip to the ballet to see the Tchaikovsky Permanent Ballet perform
Swan Lake at Zellerbach Hall in Berkeley. The company was pretty good although I would
say not quite as good as the San Francisco Ballet. We were able to exchange our
nosebleed seats for some great ones down front since they were running a rush promotion.
It made me miss dancing, something I did for about the first half of my life. Maybe I'll sign
up for an adult class one of these days...

I only got shots of two of our outfits, but all four of us were looking cute. :)

I am wearing:
Halter dress from Anthropologie (I think this is my favorite daytime dress out of all the
dresses I own)
Purple Tulle coat
Grey J Crew Cardigan
Kenneth Cole sandals
Dooney & Bourke bag

A is wearing:
BCBG dress
MNG coat
Hue tights
Chat chat shoes (aren't they cute!)
Coach bag
Vintage purse shaped locket

A is also sitting on an itty bitty bench that we stumbled across while walking past the
hardware store. Cute!

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