Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Brunch

Remains of the brunch:

We had a few friends over for brunch on Easter Sunday. I made this Swiss Easter Rice Tart, scrambled eggs, bacon, blanched asparagus, a wide variety of fresh fruit, and bagels with cream cheese, lox and dill. A good friend made us some fabulous mimosas. Champagne and orange juice, yum! It was quite a spread. The tart didn't taste as good as I hoped from the glowing praise of the New York Times article. It was a bit overly almond and citrusy and I would have prefered if the taste of the rice could have been a little stronger. I think I almost liked the intermediate products better (sort of a rice pudding with warm milk, rice and sugar) that I taste tested as I was cooking.

I didn't manage to get an outfit picture in, but this is what I wore:

Brown linen dress from Banana Republic with striped ribbon sash
Sandals from Kenneth Cole
Orange cashmere hoodie (not pictured) from Banana Republic

Curiously 3 out of 4 girls at the brunch showed up in brown. :) We all matched by
accident, funny coicidence.

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