Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring sandals!

With spring weather already being felt around the Bay Area, I am looking for
some comfortable, slightly dressy, but not too dressy low wedge sandals.

I noticed that Steve Madden has a lot of fun options. What do you all think?

Go with a simple brown leather option (Flipperr, Killian)?

Or maybe a slightly funkier metalic (Kailee, Jannis)?

Or go all out with a burst of bold color (Knitte, Flirtty)?

Steve Madden shoes can sometimes be uncomfortable or poorly made, so
I would definitely have to try these on in person before buying.

Reefs - for super casual days Classic Reefs are my favorite flip flops of all time!

No one believes me when I say that these are the most comfortable flip-flops
on the planet, not until they try them that is. I even had one friend to whom I
kept singing the praises of my reef sandals. She didn't believe me for the longest
time. Then, several years later she bought a pair randomly and started
recommending them to me and telling me how fabulous they were, forgetting
that I was the one that recommended them in the first place. I thought this was
quite hilarious.


L said...

Hey T, Yay for spring! Killian and Kailee have my votes.

Anonymous said...

Yellow and Flirtty!!! Fantastic!

Gardagami said...

See here or here