Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jazz at Pearl's

For a fun Friday night date night, my husband and I went to see
Lavay Smith and Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers at Jazz at Pearl's.
Billed as the Queen on Swing, Lavay was quite entertaining, with
a deep sultry voice and the most expressive lips I've ever seen (she
could do the Elvis lip curl to an extreme). The band was also a lot
of fun, especially the trombonist who demonstrated an uncanny
ability for being able to breathe at the same time as he was playing
a note (so he could basically play indefinitely without visibly taking
a breath).

Sorry about the poor quality of the images. Next time I'll try to take
the outfit pictures before we go out rather than after so the lighting
is better.

I'm wearing:

I.N.C. sequined dress - this looked really neat shimmering in the dim lighting
of Pearl's
Black cashmere cardigan
Grey tank from LAMade - there are cute ruffles on this that you can't make-out
in this photo
Grey tights from Assets
BCBG Girls patent leather shoes with leather bow
Bubble coat by Joseph


Kagahn said...

See please here

Anonymous said...

love the grey tights and bubble coat!