Sunday, December 2, 2007

Chic Clutches from Arden B

A few cute clutches to go with all of your holiday outfits.

Arden B Metallic Plated clutch.

Patent Buckle clutch.

Satin Square Clutch, a much cheaper alternative to those pretty Devi Kroell
Jeweled clutches
that have been catching my eye lately.

Or if you're feeling really adventurous you could make a DIY project
out of one of these, some glue and some large fake jewels from a
crafts or fabric store... (Banana Republic Minaudiere).


Knikki said...

oooo yes arden b purses.

i love em cuz they're so elegant.

are you a fan of purses that have huge label prints on em?

t said...

no, i mostly tend to shy away from purses with label prints on them. i feel like if i have a big label on my purse i'm basically advertising for the brand and why should i do that?

but on the other hand, my mom has a really pretty fendi purse with the intertwined f's... so maybe if it's done in an elegant manner, then i'd be more open to it.