Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tall Brown Boots

I've been looking for a pair of tall brown boots for what seems
like forever now. I finally broke down and ordered 3 pairs from
Zappos about a month ago, but still haven't decided whether to
keep any of them. Perhaps this has something to do with their
amazingly lenient shopping policy (free overnight shipping, and
free returns for 365 days).

Buying boots is pretty tough for me since I seem to have a
somewhat "athletic" calf, making a lot of the boots out there just
a little too small. :( I have tried on many a boot only to have to
tell the sales person sheepishly that they just don't fit.

These are the pairs I ordered:

These Born Navi's seemed like a good bet for
a comfortable boot, since their shoes tend to be
very well padded and comfortable. Unfortunately,
they were just a tad too small.

These Frye Nora Pleat boots look really cute online
and actually fit my calves perfectly! Unfortunately
they suffer from the curse that many pull on boots
suffer from, baggy ankles. Boot makers have to put
in extra leather around the ankle of pull on boots so
that you can slip them on without a zipper, but too
much extra leather and you start to look ridiculous.

I was originally hoping for a boot with a 2-3" heel,
but then I came across these Frye Paige Riding boots.
Their style is super fun and the little flap on top make
them seem a bit different while still keeping things
relatively simple. This is my favorite pair of the bunch.
The only thing I'm not sure about is whether with my
larger calves I would do better sticking to something
with a cleaner line.

One good thing to come of this experiment is that I now
know that almost all boots from Frye fit me! I would
definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a boot
with a larger calf. They are a little bit pricey, but the
leather seems resilient and the boots look like they would
last for quite a long time.

Update: I've been browsing around a bit and found some
good sites for wide calf boots:

The first two sites are stores in England where they seem
to be much more accomodating about these things. Boots
come in a wide range of calf sizes from 36 to 47 centimeters.
The last site is a store in New York. Unfortunately, most of
the boots on their site seem to start at widths too large for
my calves. I guess I'm just in that no-mans land in between
standard and wide calf boots...

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