Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Christmas loot

I received a ton of great gifts this year too! Here are some highlights:

First off I got a bunch of cookbooks. Should I take this as a hint? ;) My brother gave
me the French laundry and Bouchon cookbooks from the impecable Thomas Keller.
My husband had a theme to his presents, things we can do together. I'm looking
forward to cooking up some vegetables and risotto with him, from the Chez Panisse
vegetables, and Risotto cookbooks.

My husband also gave me this amazing espresso machine from Saeko!
It's especially cool because it is fully automatic. You just load the whole
beans in the top and it grinds, tamps and makes the espresso for you.
No messing about with coffee grounds and getting the whole counter
dirty. I love it and my husband has been making me a latte every
morning. :)

I received this glam clutch from a great friend (previously posted about
here). This will be perfect for a New Years outing somewhere special.

We also got a very cool Garmin Nuvi GPS navigation system from my
parents and are super excited to try it out. I hear you can even get traffic
reports on them to avoid traffic snarls!

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