Saturday, December 8, 2007

More Random Etsy Items

I love the idea of etsy, but have yet to actually buy anything...
maybe one of these will be the lucky winner. All items selected
from the very useful Etsy gift guides.

Ginko trees are rather beautiful this time of year in Berkeley.
The leaves have all turned yellow, but haven't fallen to the
ground quite yet. Fun fact of the day: apparently the seeds
from female ginko trees are quite smelly (like rancid butter) so
if you're walking by a ginko and a foul odor is emanating the
tree must be a she. Ginko necklace.

Another hand painted item, Punk Grrl bracelet.

A beautiful hammered silver Wave Ring.

Holiday Shine White Peyote Cuff


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Wendiva said...

ahhhh...the punk girl bracelet made my heart melt!! yummy!