Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holiday Gift List (1)

I know it's a little last minute, but here's part 1 of my holiday gift list.

For Your Favorite Chef

Everyday cooking: These are the books I reach for most often when
planning a simple weekday meal (America's test kitchen family cookbook,
and Quick from scratch Italian). Both include easy to make fantastic dishes.
America's test kitchen tests hundreds of recipes to find the best way to
make each dish and provides helpful hints on various questions you might
have, like what's the best bread for making your own bread crumbs?

Special Occasions: These are cookbooks from two of my favorite
restaurants in San Francisco, The Zuni Cafe and Tartine. The recipes
are definitely a bit more labor intensive, but worth it! Tartine's
desserts are to die for!

Stories about food and cooking: Heat describes one man's adventures
with famed chef Mario Batali, Tender at the Bone is by Ruth Reichl,
former New York Times food critic and life long foody. It describes
her childhood, growing up experiencing the worst and the best food
has to offer.

Aprons because if you don't look cute while cooking, why do it?
Two of the great aprons they have at Anthropologie, Sparkle
and Stokholm Floral Apron.

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