Saturday, December 15, 2007

Holiday Gift List (2)

For the exercise bunny

A list for the person who always puts "get in shape" on their
New Years resolutions list -- I've been guilty of this quite a
few times. :)

Fitness magazine has a great list of the best workout
out there, with a wide variety of styles from
pilates and yoga, to dance or extreme calorie burning.
Get a different one for each day of the week to keep
your workouts fun and interesting.

Equipment is a must. Get yoga matts or exercise balls cheap from Amazon.
I tried one of these exercise balls out the other day and it was a lot of fun
bouncing around, but not as much fun as the Trampoline gym. I would
highly recommend checking out Sky High sports in Santa Clara for a
fabulous evening and a surprisingly amazing workout. Bouncing on a
trampoline really makes you feel like a kid again. :)

Workout clothing is a must. I like these striped shorts by Adidas (Triple stripe
dual short, and Baggy short).

For something with a slightly longer inseam try these shorts by Asics.
They'll keep you cool and looking cute while you sweat it out.

For cute workout t's I head to Threadless. I just bought these two shirts for $10
each in their Holiday Sale (hurry sale ends Dec 16)! Octopus and ParaPoppins shirts.

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